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Physiotherapy means enabling a person through physical means to reach their potential and maintain function and ability. In DMD, muscles are more fragile than normal. So, the aim of physiotherapy is to minimize the impact of muscle damage and to maximize function without doing harm. At present, physiotherapy plays a major role for DMD patients. Regular physiotherapy helps to improve the patient’s quality of life. Physiotherapists know the progress of healing.

Techniques To Be Followed For DMD Patients

1. Chest physiotherapy

2. Stretching exercises

3. Exercises / hydro / sports / Postural correction / wheelchairs and seating

4. Fun activities such as swimming or playing in water

5. Cycling

Physiotherapy Helps To

1. Improve breathing and maintain lung function

2. Prevent/delay permanent contractures

3. Maintains comfortable movement

4. Maintain range of movement

5. Enables continued walking

6. Reduces asymmetry because it can lead to scoliosis and discomfort

Points To Remember

1. Encourage daily exercise through games and activity

2. Get appropriate periodic advice from physiatrist and arrange for supply and apt use of tailor made orthoses

3. Maintain good spinal alignment and posture