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Parents Meet

MDCRC conducts parents meet on a quarterly basis for the families with affected children. The experts from the MD community are invited to talk on the status of research for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy(DMD) followed by interactive sessions with the parents which would be highly beneficial for them.

Fun Events For Kids

Apart from its routine technical services, MDCRC conducts fun weekends for children with the inspiration drawn from MDA, USA camps. This fun outing gives the children an unmatched opportunity to develop lifelong friendships, share interests, build self-esteem and carry back cherished memories, making our approach holistic. Fun weekends have been conducted by MDCRC for the past 3 years. These joyous days are filled with sessions for children such as origami, painting competitions, car race, music and dance, magic shows, mimicry etc. MDCRC also conducted a kite flying event in association with the Kite Life Foundation, Kerala in 2012. Children were shown how to design, make and fly their own kites.

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Mobility Assistance

MDCRC has collaborated with Rotary Coimbatore Manchester to donate customized wheelchairs to children who need them. Wheelchairs are essential for children with restricted mobility to enhance their lives by making them more mobile and prevent injuries. It allows these children to mobilize and function normally in the society. It also avoids parent’s trouble of physically carrying their children from place to place. A total of 48 children have received wheelchairs in the year 2011 and 2012.

We also help children receive disability cards and disability benefits from the Government.

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