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Genetic screening camps are conducted all over TamilNadu with well-equipped team of doctors, researchers, counselors, social workers, technicians, volunteers etc., for identification and prevention of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy in the State of Tamilnadu, (Govt. funded project)

Below given table contains the details of Camps & Genetic Counseling conducted in which kids/adults who were registered with symptoms of neuromuscular disorders were screened to identify the type of Muscular dystrophy by Genetic & Molecular Diagnosis. A few families, with already identified Duchenne kids, were counselled for appropriate management and prevention of the disease.





Dindigul DDHS Office, Dindigul 3rd Genetic Counseling
7-June-2017 Namakkal SSA Office, Namakkal 2nd Genetic Counseling
12-May-2017 Perambalur & Ariyalur Corporation Middle School, Perambalur East 2nd Genetic Counseling
11-May-2017 Trichy Deputy Directorate of Health Services, Trichy. 4th Genetic Counseling
10-May-2017 Trichy Deputy Directorate of Health Services, Trichy. 3rd Genetic Counseling
11-April-2017 Kanniyakumari St.Aloysius Hr. Sec. School, Nagarkovil, Kanniyakumari 1st Screening Camp & 1st Genetic Counseling
8-April-2017 Erode Primary Health Care Center, Near Murugan Temple, Thildal, Erode. 1st Genetic Counseling
22-mar-2017 Cuddalore NLC Girls High School, Mandharakuppam, Cuddalore. 1st Screening Camp & 1st Genetic Counseling
16-mar-2017 Pudhukottai Block Resource Center, opposite to LIC building, Pudhukottai. 1st Genetic Counseling
16-mar-2017 Thiruvarur Gowrisamy Municipality Middle School, Thiruvarur. 1st Genetic Counseling
16-mar-2017 Pudhukottai Block Resource Center, opposite to LIC building, Pudhukottai. 1st Screening Camp
15-mar-2017 Thanjavur Old disability building, near Thanjai periya kovil, Thanjavur. 1st Genetic Counseling
15-mar-2017 Thanjavur Child welfare home, Thanjavur. 1st Screening Camp
11-March-2017 Thiruvannamalai Town hall middle school, Thiruvannamalai 1st Genetic counseling
4-March-2017 Namakkal SSA office, Namakkal 1st Genetic counseling
2-March-2017 Nagapattinam Municipality Primary School, Keeraikollai street, Near Veppalaikaali Amman Kovil, Nagapattinam. 1st Screening Camp
1-March-2017 Thiruvarur Gowrisamy Municipality Middle School, Thiruvarur. 1st Screening Camp
28-Feb-2017 Thiruvallur Municipality Hr. Sec. School, Near Thiruvallur bus stand, Thiruvallur. 1st Screening Camp
23-Feb-2017 Karur SSA office, Karur 1st Genetic counseling
21-Feb-2017 Madurai Corporation middle school, Kamarajar saalai, Madurai 3rd Genetic counseling
16-Feb-2017 Sivagangai RRRK middle school, Sivagangai 1st Screening camp
16-Feb-2017 Thiruvannamalai Town hall middle school, Thiruvannamalai 1st Screening camp
15-Feb-2017 Vellore Muslim govt higher school, Vellore 1st Screening camp
15-Feb-2017 Virudhunagar TVS middle school, near old bus stand, Virudhunagar 1st Screening camp
11-February-2017 Madurai SSA Madhurai 2nd Genetic Counseling
1-February-2017 Villupuram Block Resource Center (BRC), Thirukovilur, Villupuram 1st Genetic Counseling
31-January-2017 Villupuram Block Resource Center (BRC), Thirukovilur, Villupuram 1st Screening camp
28-January-2017 Ramanathapuram Vallal Paari Middle School 1st Screening camp
28-January-2017 Chennai Nishta integrated neurodevelopment center. No 1 sambhandam street, off gn chetty road, tnagar. Chennai 17, Next to hotel peninsula 1st Genetic counseling
27-January-2017 Thootukudi Training hall, seena, vaana school campus, near old bus stand, Thootukudi district 1st Screening camp
12-January-2017 Kanchipuram St. Columbus higher secondary school, old bus stand opposite, Chengalpattu 1st Screening camp
11 January 2017 Namakkal SSA Office 1st Screening camp
11 January 2017 Karur Teresa Thuvakkappalli 1st Screening camp
20 December 2016 Krishnagiri Block Resource Center (BRC) 1st Screening camp
8 December 2016 Erode GTS School Campus 1st Screening camp
29 November 2016 Dharmapuri Municipality Primary School 1st Screening camp & 1st Genetic Counseling
24 November 2016 Ariyalur DDAWO Office 1st Screening camp
24 November 2016 Perambalur Girls High School 1st Screening camp
24 November 2016 Perambalur & Ariyalur Girls High School 1st Genetic Counseling
23 November 2016 Trichy Deputy Directorate of Health Services, Trichy 2nd Screening camp
10 November 2016 Theni Govt Hr. Sec. School – SSA 1st Screening camp & 1st Genetic Counseling
8 November 2016 Dindigul Deputy Directorate of Health Services, Dindigul 2nd Screening camp & 2nd Genetic Counseling
25 October 2016 Salem Boys High School 1st Screening camp
22 October 2016 Trichy Deputy Directorate of Health Services, Trichy 2nd Genetic Counseling
28 September 2016 Dindigul Deputy Directorate of Health Services, Dindigul 1st Screening camp & 1st Genetic Counseling
22 & 23 September 2016 Madurai Chief Education Office, near Thamukkam ground, Madurai 1st Screening camp & 1st Genetic Counseling
23 & 24 August 2016. Trichy Deputy Directorate of Health Services, Trichy

1st Screening camp & 1st Genetic Counseling


WORLD DUCHENNE AWARENESS DAY 2017 – Thalirum Tharunangal

This year’s World Duchenne Awareness Day was special to all of us. We had our kids and their perform at length on stage. This day every year marks a day to honor the immense dedication of these parents and the health professionals throughout the world.

The awareness day celebrations started with the DMD kids from different parts of the state talking about their dreams and their aspirations. We were able to capture few of those dreams here Generally there are events every year to celebrate with the kids and their parents where professionals would perform. This time around we had planned to actively involve the parents their families and their kids. There was a conspicuous consent when the idea was floated around. Then the practice sessions for the parents and the kids were planned out meticulously and the feedback was heartening and seeing their participation felt like they were over the moon the whole week until the event. The event had the kids perform to few Indian songs, one song on the grea Sufi Saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti. The mothers had a ball in dancing to trending tunes of 2017 and the father showcased their free spirited dancing flair on stage.

This to us marks an important event for the Duchenne community in general and also to understand the impact of Art on Mankind. The glee in their faces spoke a thousand words. It is an achievement of the parents who are in tremendous pressure and in a sober situation, to come out and perform. The event was named as ‘Thalirum Tharunangal’, which literally translates to budding moments. It is just to convey that there exists just the moments of their kids with them. The event was something of a reminder of our lives and the necessity to act with understanding and reflect as much as we can. The event was graced by Mrs. Mohana of Sharp Industries, KG Bhakthavatsalam of KG Hospitals and Mrs. Rohini of Avinashilingam University. We would like to thank all the volunteers and the other dignitaries for their presence.

Click here to view the Photo Gallery of Thalirum Tharunangal Event


MD CARE – October 2016

As per Global recommendations, the best management of DMD requires a multidisciplinary approach with complete professional care. We conducted Multidisciplinary Care camps on 20th & 27th October 2016 for Children affected with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Initially consent forms were obtained from the parents of the Duchenne kids for participating in this MD Care programme which was followed by a registration by the parents. Totally 19 children participated in these sessions which were started by Investigations including Blood, ECG, ECHO, X-ray and PFT (spirometry). This was followed by Clinical Evaluation done by specialists such as Neurologist, Cardiologist, Paediatrician, Physiatrist, Gastroenterologist, Ayurvedic physician and Physiotherapist. The disease progression is then consolidated.



World Duchenne Awareness Day was celebrated in Jenny’s club lawn on 10th of September, 2016, for the convenience of the children as 7th September was a working day. Thirty two children were expected and out of which 29 had turned out. The chief guests were Miss. Sree Priya from Trichy, Mr. Raja Krishnamoorthy from Chennai and Dr. K.C. Ramaswami from Kurinji Hospital, Coimbatore. Children assembled around 3:00 pm and they were provided with refreshments. Then they started decorating their cars for the race. The parents, children, volunteers and the team members were given a chit of paper in which they were asked to write a prayer for the children, which was then collected back.

The function started with a prayer song by Dr. Vishalakshi. Dr. B.R. Lakshmi, then addressed the children and the parents emphasizing the importance of Duchenne Awareness day and then introduced the guests. Balloons with the prayer notes were then flown to sky by Mr. Raja Krishnamoorthy and Miss. Sree Priya. The children were then entertained with Juggling by Mr. Magic Maha. An artist resembling the actor Vadivelu then entertained the children which the kids thoroughly enjoyed. Then the children were taken to the back stage to get ready with their new T-shirts for the car race. Meanwhile, Ms. Priya talked to the parents about the children’s need and what they expect. She pointed out that the children never expect any sympathy from them and that they would actually want to lead a normal life.

The little heroes were then dressed up smart and were marched towards the ramp. The car race was flagged off by Mr. Raja Krishnamoorthy who then enthusiastically cheered up the kids. A small game was organized for the mothers after which they were provided with snacks. Mr. Magic Maha then entertained the kids with a toy dance and a magic show. Beautifully sculpted balloons were then given to each child and a portrait of children was also made by the artists. Dr. B.R. Lakshmi introduced the team to the parents and the guests and later, medals, trophies and prizes were distributed for the winners. Return gifts were then issued for the children while returning back to home.



This year we celebrated International day of Yoga on 21st June 2016. The venue was Kurinji Hospital lobby. We had invited the corporation commissioner of Coimbatore, Mr. Vijay karthikeyan as the Chief guest. Dr. K.C Ramaswami, The Chairman of Kurinji Hospital felicitated the gathering. Mrs. J. Mohanasundari, the Managing Director of Sharp industries made her gracious presence for the occasion. Mr. V. Rajagopalan , yoga master of our MDCRC enlightened the gathering on Yoga.

The occasion started by 10 a.m with the prayer song by Mr. Raghav. The Prayer song was preceded by the Lamp lighting ceremony.

The Director and Managing trustee of MDCRC, Dr.B.R.Lakshmi gave a warm welcome to the gathering and spoke about the importance of Yoga in the context of Duchenne. She said that Last year, MDCRC made a beginning to yoga by celebrating 1st International yoga day. This year it has evolved to plan a yoga curriculum for the children. She emphasized on the benefits of yoga in our DMD children and their mothers after the regular daily practice of yoga. She also added the feedback by the MDCRC staff on the wonderful benefits of yoga. She said “We, at our new model rehab centre for DMD apart from regular physiotherapy, also integrate ‘Yoga’ with the rehab management. It is mainly that yoga and its benefits are holistic and it addresses the respiratory health in an extra ordinary way. Pranayama, Kapalapathi and Bhastrika are very helpful to maintain good lung function.”

Also she said “We believe yoga will contribute towards good breathing practices and help in improvement of basic gait and respiratory function. We have specially planned exercises and yoga sessions for parents and children to enable them to cope better.”

Then our Yoga master Mr.Rajagopalan gave an introduction on benefits of Yoga. After that Master. Yashwanth demonstrated Soorya namaskaaram followed by the mothers who did some yoga asanas. Following this, our staff members of MDCRC demonstrated yoga to the gathering. Then our chief guest Mr. Vijay karthikeyan, Mrs. Mohanasundari and Dr. K.C. Ramaswami addressed the gathering. Dr. Shalini, our team member gave the vote of Thanks followed by national anthem.



The exhibition commenced on 10th of June, 2016 and lasted till 25th of June, 2016 including all Saturdays and Sundays. DMD Posters and pamphlets were distributed for the stall visitors. There were several schools who had visited and the posters were given to their respective staff in-charge to be displayed in their school bulletin board.

The inaugural function was held on Friday, the 24th June 2016 and was presided over by the Health minister, Dr. Vijaya Bhaskar along with the Collector of Coimbatore and other government officials. The rejoinder from the public was overwhelming. We were able to identify and get contact details of few children with DMD. The college students in general, were very much geared up to serve as a volunteer.