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In public health domain, identify areas of basic science,scientific methods, scientific innovations and applied research. Appropriately take them to the community in need with concerted efforts of Students, Researchers, Clinicians and Policy Makers.



MDCRC has been bestowed with the spirits of receiving donations from individuals or corporates with tax exemptions. Deductions in respect of donations to our trust will be allowed under Section 80 of the Income Tax act 1961 in the hands of the donors with a tax exemption criteria. This is valid from 30/11/2011 onwards. Those making a donation and receiving an 80G certificate would receive a 50% tax exemption.


Apart from this, for corporates, in terms of Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR), MDCRC has been recognized with 35AC tax exemption from the Government of India, Income Tax department under Section 35AC, 1961 as recommended by the National Committee for Promotion of Social and Economic Welfare. Those making a donation and receiving an 35AC certificate would receive a 100% tax exemption.

We request the magnanimous hearts to come forward with a helping hand to make a donation and receive a tax exemption by either 80G or 35AC depending on their denomination for donations towards MDCRC.

Corporate Donations

Donate via a workplace giving campaign: Some employers offer employees the option of giving a small percentage of each of their pay checks to a specific nonprofit through a workplace giving campaign. Please see if we’re included in yours, or ask if write-ins are accepted. It’s fast, easy, and a great way to keep track of the tax benefits of charitable giving. Did you know that many companies offer a matching gift program as a benefit to their employees? As many as one in ten gifts that we receive is eligible to be matched by the donor’s employer. Ask your Human Resources representative or Charitable Giving/Grants Department if they match charitable contributions as an employee benefit.

Host an event / speaker/dinner: Hosting an event can be great fun! Invite over your family and friends to enjoy dinner, a speaker or a video, and have a great party! Combine things in any way that fits your lifestyle. We will support you and make sure that your party/speaking event/dinner is a great success! Each guest will be requested to buy a ticket for the event and the collection will go to MDCRC.

Host a speaker: from your organisation and MDCRC will help bring more into your living room or hall. You can raise money while informing your network about solutions to for the needs for their communities. Hosting a speaker is a terrific opportunity to learn about the real impact of various burning issues and the speakers will explain grassroots initiatives and ideas from some of the most resilient and effective struggles in the world today. The collection of tickets for the show will be offered to MDCRC for the service of the Duchenne children.

Work place giving: Each year, approximately $4.8 billion is donated to America’s charities through workplace giving campaigns. Your employer can set up workplace giving in a variety of ways, but matching gifts programs and workplace giving campaigns are the most common. The total amount collected from the work place will be matched by an equal amount from the organization to donate to MDCRC. So, it all depends on the charity each employee wants to do towards MDCRC.

If you wish to support the efforts of MDCRC for this cause, you can issue cheques or make a money transfer to the details given below:


Honorary or memorial gifts: Celebrate a birthday, wedding, or the life of someone special by making an honorary or memorial gift to MDCRC to mark the occasion in your family! When you make an honorary or memorial gift, we will mail them a personalized, handwritten card notifying them of your gift.

Your child’s Birthday is more memorable when you make a contribution to MDCRC – Rs……….

Your anniversary is more cherishable when you help a Duchenne child on your special day – Rs. …………


Monthly giving : When you give a recurring gift and join our Sustaining Partner program, you’ll join a community of supporters working for this social cause with MDCRC. Your steady, reliable support allows MDCRC to maximize our impact and to take on long-term movement extending it further in the country , benefitting the global community. We ensure that more of your donation goes directly to our kids.

Multidisciplinary Clinical Care once in 3 months:

Rehabilitation monthly Expense:

Diagnostic Expense per month:

Awareness Program per month:

Celebrate a kid’s Birthday per month:

Buy some MDCRC Children’s products: Shop with a purpose at the Petals foundation, When you purchase one of our items, you are helping support our partners in the struggle for the identification and prevention of this disorder. And, you are helping spread the word about this important work. You can buy the product and distribute to your friends/relatives on the occasion whereby you are also thinking about MDCRC’s children.

Diaries with cherishable moments: Rs. 500/=

Table Top Calendar: Rs. 500/=


There are many children across our nation, who are diagnosed with these two life-threatening neuro-muscular disorders. These children face countless hardships struggling with the disorder.

Sponsor gifts for our kids and bring a smile on their face.

1. Cost of one birthday gift and cake: Rs. 2000/- (Or)

2. Cost of birthday party with other Duchenne kids at MDCRC: Rs. 3000/- (or)

3. Sponsor the whole event for a child with a surprise gift: Rs. 5000/-

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